Need Secure Income ?

Have you, like myself, come to the end of a rewarding career and need to look for something new? There are some timeless opportunities if you do it the correct way and take advice from the right people.

Take a look at this short video produced by my business partner, Sarah. It’s not for everybody since some effort is required, but it might just be the solution you’re looking for. You may need to Cntrl+Click (the left mouse button) to access the link, or it may just work by itself. Who knows !

Best wishes for your future. /Ian


Solo-Ads. Find out what really works right now.


FASTEST way to build a Solo Ad Business…

What’s the FASTEST way to build a Solo Ad Business
and make your first sale – how does 7 days sounds!

…a 60 year old spills the beans on how he has built
a Solo Ad Business in a very short time and from this
is making a comfortable income online!

Sound impossible?

Inside is a step by step process that automates everything
from traffic to conversions and profits.

You can have the whole thing set up in LESS than 7 days.

100% newbie friendly but works GREAT for advanced
marketers as well.

Here’s how he did it….

There are some High Quality upsells but the one I

like most is the interviews with marketers who are

already very successful with Solo-ads.


Are you in the 5% or 95% ?

It’s said that 95% of all internet marketers fail.

Think about that…95% fail.

Are we all mad to go up against those odds?

If I was invited to a dinner party where 95% of the
food was likely to give me projectile diarrhoea I
probably wouldn’t go.

I don’t like the odds.

Yet on entering internet marketing we hear that 95%
statistic pretty quickly – within the first couple
of weeks for sure from some forum or email

So do we quit? Nope.

Why is that?

Well I think it’s because of two things.

Firstly we see the rewards earned by those
marketers who get it right and do succeed, and
secondly we don’t think that WE will be part of the
95% who fail.

We think we’re already in the top 5% who succeed or
we just wouldn’t bother, right?

Which leaves us all with a bit of a dilemma.

Because if we have such MASSIVE belief in ourselves
to think that we’re in the top 5% of internet

…why is it that most of us take months or even
YEARS to create our first product simply because
we’re scared other people will think it’s crap?

Remember that passion and belief you had when you
first started your online business?

THAT’s the secret to success – regain that and
things will start to happen.

Take chances, spot opportunities and make decisions
like your life depended on it

Have a productive day.


The New Year starts now.

A friend asked me today, “What are your plans for next year ?”

I replied, “Next year is a long time away, I haven’t even thought about it”

“What?” He asked, “It’s tomorrow.”

Just to make sure I wasn’t completely daft I looked up the definition of ‘year’ and it all depends whether you’re talking about a calendar year or a period of 365 days.

To me, a year starts every day I wake up.

I don’t decide to start something on the 1st of January.
I don’t decide to end something on the 1st of January.
I don’t decide to change a bad habit on the 1st of January.

Every year starts every day.

If you need to start, stop or change something – now is always the best time.

So have a happy tomorrow and I hope the next 365 days treat you well.

Feel free to read this email any day of the year.

Best wishes for your new year !


Facebook Traffic – Live Affiliate Training Class

Ever wondered how those super affiliates get all their traffic and seem to get all the commissions?

Sarah Staar is one of those super affiliates and this Thursday for the first time ever Sarah is going to be
hosting a very special live affiliate training class and she would love to have you come along.

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During the class you will learn:

How to use Facebook to generate more traffic than you ever imagined.

How to find high-end products to promote that will pay you over $3000 in affiliate commissions

The one thing you need to do as an Internet marketer in 2014 to break the $300 a day barrier.

Sarah will be showing you exactly how my sales funnel works and how I drive traffic to my sales funnel.

You’ll discover an easy and effective way to make sales… without having to sell anything?

See you at 8.00pm UK Time , 3:00 pm EDT!

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The webinar is on: Thursday 28th August 2014

3:00p EST/EDT, Eastern Daylight Time (US)

8:00p LONDON, United Kingdom, England

2:00p CST/CDT, Central Daylight Time (US)

12:00p PST/PDT, Pacific Daylight Time (US)

1:00p MST/MDT, Mountain Daylight Time (US)

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How Important is Attitude?

We need two qualities to succeed in any venture – aptitude and attitude. Aptitude covers the skills, knowledge and practical experience to get the job done. So aptitude is quite important.

Attitude is more difficult to define since it is purely a state of mind – how you approach a task together with the disciplines and perserverance to overcome challenges.

Of the two, I believe attitude is more important since you can acquire skills along the way. What does the alphabet have to say? Let’s break down ATTITUDE into the letters of the alphabet. A=1, T=20, T=20, I=9, T=20, U=21, D=4, E=5. Total = 100. There you have it; attitude is 100% !


Build Your Ark When the Sun Is Shining

I don’t know if you’re like me but I have a Master’s degree in procrastination. It’s not that I never finish anything, it’s more like I never get started.

Talking about getting started – when would be a good time to start your Internet Marketing business? Mr Noah struggled with the same question. It just shows that there are no new problems under the sun. How about building your Ark when the sun is shining. Would that be a good idea? An expert would charge you $10K and call it Contingency Planning. Why don’t we just get started before it rains? Continue reading “Build Your Ark When the Sun Is Shining”


What’s Your Motivation – Excited or Angry?

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’d like to chart my journey through the minefield of Internet Marketing. It is always safer to follow in the footsteps of others to avoid risk and injury.

So why have I called my blog, “Massive Success is the Sweetest Revenge.” Does it sound negative? Let me explain something about motivation.

There are only two basic ways of achieving your goals; either through excitement or anger. Most gurus talk about dream building or goal setting. This makes you so excited that you leap out of bed at 4am and commence creating your best selling Internet product. Hmm, I love mornings but I wish they would occur later in the day….

I am British so I never get excited about anything. In fact I am the case study for the boring old fart.  That does not mean that I am devoid of feelings. So I decided to get angry (mad).

I worked 12 hour days to build my IT career over many years. I am married to the same beautiful woman for 40+ years. We have two wonderful drug-free children who are a credit to their communities. I was a one-time school governor and leading light at our local Chamber of Commerce. Then in a flash of light from the great accountant in the sky, my career was gone, the mini-computer company that I worked for was gone. Indeed the entire UK IT industry was gone. I was very good at what I did. The problem is, it was the only thing I did. I struggled to transfer into another career in mid-life.

Shelf-stacking or serving carpet burgers doesn’t hack it I’m afraid.  My wife was patiently waiting for me to deliver on the promises I made to her all those years ago.

I decided to get angry with my situation.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  And so we return to the title, Massive Success is the Sweetest Revenge. What could be more fitting than to respond to a life tragedy by arising like a phoenix from the ashes? No need to turn a drama into a crisis. Just start again!

Welcome to everyone who can empathise with my story. I hope you enjoy and benefit from this blog and will forgive me the odd ‘grumpy old man’ lapses here and there.

To get started on your own journey, click on the box above for your free report.