About Me

   Ian served his engineering apprenticeship at Granada Television where he enjoyed working alongside the cast of Coronation Street.

He transferred to IT (when the Internet was called the Arpanet) and developed a successful career as a Systems Engineer and Technical Support Manager. This included working on a collaborative project at MIT in Boston and a three years Management assignment to the South of France.

After diligently climbing the corporate ladder of success for many years it became apparent that his ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. The UK IT industry suffered a major down-sizing and Ian decided to go it alone to pander to his entrepreneurial spirit. After a few false starts in home-based businesses that provided valuable lessons in personal development but not much income, Ian eventually researched the world of Internet Marketing.

As with any venture it is essential to take correct advice from people with a proven track record of success whilst avoiding false gurus. Thus, as a further example of always falling on his feet, Ian was introduced to Neil Stafford, Tony Shepherd, Phil Gosling and Sarah Staar.  These people are affectionately known throughout the world of Internet Marketing, having not only developed hugely successful businesses but are able to use their previous corporate leadership, coaching and training skills to help new people replicate their success. Ian is now working to promote and teach Internet Marketing skills at the introductory, advanced and specialist levels.

Ian lives with his wife Carolyn in Lancashire – often referred to as God’s chosen country. Our two children have flown the nest and live at opposite ends of the country. We enjoy travelling, dining out and theatre, in fact anything that requires a ‘bob or two’ in your pocket.

My current mission is to regain the lifestyle that we enjoyed in USA & France by developing my own successful Internet Marketing and Information Publishing business.

Ian’s guiding philosophy is, “There are no endings in life, only new beginnings”. I invite you to follow my blog and join our team as we journey along a path well travelled to success and prosperity.